SUNBURNT BOOB PLANTER / hanging boob / hanging planter

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Pale / sunburnt pierced boob

~~~the cheyenne~~

hanging boob planter yeaaaa 🔊

Hangs: 15"(black leather string)

Casted with cement from an original Hello Happy Plants mold ®®®®®®®™™™©©©©

Comes with airplant🌈🌾


Maybe once a week, give the lil airplant babes a mist. 💦 misting, will keep the air plant vibrant + green. If ya REALLY wanna keep the prettiest airplants ever, fill your bathroom sink up once a month (room☁️temp).. & leave the air plant in his new jacuzzi tub for an hour.

n that's about it! ✊🆒🎆

(they also love havin their pic taken 😬)

p.s. Every item comes in a box full of HAPPY stuff that'll put a big n fat n sweet smile on your face 👅